Who Wants Cake?

 A few years ago my friend Karyn invited me to a cake baking class given by a visiting NZ baker, Jordan Rondel, fondly known as The Caker! https://www.thecaker.co.nz  Being a Kiwi, I always love meeting and supporting other Kiwi's who come to L.A. doing 'their thing',  so I happily went along.

 We had such an inspiring few hours with the talented and lovely Jordan who made baking her amazing and delicious cakes seem so easy!  Jordan also owns a magical cake shop in Auckland, on K Rd, which I always love to stop by and pick up some of her delicious freshly baked cakes ...omg....double layer lemon and raspberry cake...helloooo! :) So good! She has written 2 cake / dessert books full of delicious, yet wholesome recipes which will inspire even the novice baker. She also now has her own line of ready to make cake-mix boxes (in case you're intimidated by the 'make it from scratch' method!)  

 I love following TheCaker on Instagram and when I wanted to do a line of cake cards, I asked Jordan if she would mind me using some of her gorgeous cake images to base the card line on. She so graciously said yes to my request and I can now obsess over her gorgeous cakes daily as I design and glitter the cards and get them out into the hands of card lovers! I wanted a line of simple and pretty, birthday, congrats, get well, love and thank you cards, and I felt cakes can always say all those things...especially when they are as stunning as The Caker's! The fresh flower decorations are stunning!

Thank you Jordan! Here are a few images of what will be coming soon in time for Spring!