NY Times Magazine Cover- a proud mom moment!

So proud of our 17 year old son Nico for having a 12 page photo spread in the NY Times Magazine the weekend of Sunday, Sept 11, 2016 and also the COVER picture!
A huge thank you to Nico's amazing photography teacher, Martin Ledford, at Samohi, who believed in Nico enough to send his work to the extraordinary Kathy Ryan (director of photography at NY Times magazine) as he felt she would see what he saw in Nico's work. 
Well, she did.. and they have collaborated together since March when she asked him to do a photo assignment that showed life at Samohi. It has been a life changing experience for Nico and a great way to see all sides of school and people through the eye of the lens... somewhere he loves to be! (only film camera of course!)) ) )
Also amazing that they chose one of Nico's pics for the COVER of the magazine! Crazy! 
So many creative and inspiring kids around us and it's incredible to see the power that kindness, wisdom, mentorship, belief, freedom and support from adults can give our youth. Forever grateful to all those who were a part of this journey with Nico.