Paperlove Boutique studio is on the COVER of Where Women Create magazine!

Absolutely THRILLED to be featured on the cover of the Summer 2016 issue of the fab and always inspiring magazine 'Where Women Create'. This magazine features the creative studio spaces of women around the country and it's so awesome to get a peek into all their different worlds. I am so honored to be featured amongst so many extraordinary women.

Our studios are havens that we spend so much time in and they tend to morph into a reflection of our personality and our work. it's a place where I feel so comfortable and inspired and can spend endless hours in there and have no clue where the time went. My husband has named my studio the 'Girl Cave' and living in a houseful of guys, I love that I have my girl cave sanctuary! Full of organized creative chaos that I can leave out and come back to without bugging anyone else and knowing it'll be just as I left it! It's the little things in life...

Jo Packham is the wonderful editor of 'Where Women Create', 'Where Women Create in Business' and 'where Women Cook'. She has truly created a series of magazines that inspire women to find their passion and create a space, no matter how big or small, to live out their creative dream.