Box Sets of cards are a beautiful thing!

I always feel like women looking through my cards are like kids in a candy store. They pick out one they like, then one more, and then 2 others they hadn't seen, one more that's 'just perfect' for so and so, and they laugh, linger over some and then leave with a unique assortment that's fitting to them and their friends. I love being witness to the laughter and stories they tend to conjure up.

But then I have women who come to get cards, who love the vibe of them, but don't need to peruse for a long time and ask 'Do you have pre made box sets?' and they breathe a sigh of relief when I say yes, and here they are! They love sending cards as much as the next person, but like the 'lucky dip' feel of purchasing and have faith they'll be just fine. 

I have so much fun making up the box sets which are sold on our website. We have a new 'Cocktail' set which is so perfect for a hostess gift with a bottle of wine, or for your friends that you always meet for happy hour. There is a 'Fun' set of 8 cards which make a great holiday or anytime gift. Also a new 'In the Pink' Holiday set which is fem and festive! Of course..we have our best selling F-Bomb set, for the slightly more sassy and irreverent friends! You know who they are! All box sets are on SALE too!

I always design the cards with girlfriends and women in mind, and love that they inspire others to send or give a card and keep the intimate connection alive that we don't always get from an email. I hear so many stories of people framing their cards, keeping them on their bedside table, desk or fridge as a memory of the friend and moment they received it. 

With the box sets you'll never be caught off guard needing a cool card for a special moment! Send a card, not just a text!

'In the Pink' Holiday box set of 8 cards

Perfect hostess gift! 'Cocktail' box set of 8 cards...and it comes with a cocktail umbrella! Let the festivities begin!

An anytime 'Fun' box set of 8 cards that's great for any girlfriend...or yourself!