4th July in Malibu

Spending the 4th in Malibu has been a ritual for years, and not even the post-firework traffic can deter us from doing so. Our friend's mother is  the matriarch of her beach, having lived there for over 60 years, raising her 4 children on the beach and now having grandkids that call it their 'second home'. It is so fascinating to listen to the stories and feel the history of all the homes, lives, storms and situations that have passed her by. As we walked on the beach yesterday, there were the big fancy beach parties with music blaring, caterers, valet parking and lots of beautiful people, but also the families that still live there having the old fashioned barbecues with kids running around and a sense of familial joy. I have spent over 20 years as part of the 'family' and still feel the same love and connection to that beach, as when I first visited.

 Coming from NZ, where all our celebrations used to somehow revolve around a beach, it feels like home when you're sitting on the sand with the Pacific at your feet, friends around and just 'being in the moment'. I am so grateful to our beautiful host who is so generous with sharing her home and love and look forward to many, many more years  of music jams, gatherings, beach walks and just hanging out. She is an artist, storyteller and woman of strength and grace, who endlessly inspires each generation.

  As I was on her deck last night, about to go down on the beach and watch the fireworks, a group of 5 young kids, around ages 7-9 years old yelled up and asked if she was there as they wanted to come say hi. Up they ran, and all trailed into her house just to hang out and spend a moment with this 86 year woman who transcends generations and keeps it real.