2015 Desk Calendar

I had so much fun picking out the images from some of my cards and turning them into 2 different 2015 calendars. I have used more sweet and inspiring images on Calendar #1 which just make you feel good when you look at them! On Calendar #2 it is full of my favorite funny and retro/vintage images, which have been the hit of 2014 greeting cards! I've discovered that we all like to laugh...a lot! 

The calendars make awesome gifts for your girlfriends and women/girls in general. (sorry guys) i have had my 2014 calendar framed in a white frame on my desk all year, and still love looking at it! There's a hand made charm and vibe, which seems to resonate with those who buy them.You can hang them anywhere with the clip that they come with, frame them, magnetize them on your fridge, pin them to a bulletin board...so versatile! I love hearing that people have been cutting them up and using the past months image as a card to give...recycling in a great way!  

  I love both the calendars in different ways and I've made a short montage of them with a beautiful backdrop soundtrack of my fabulous singer/songwriter friend, Kat Edmonson. This song is called 'Lucky'. If you like this song, check out Kat's new album 'The Big Picture' on her website katedmonson.com ....you won't be disappointed! (Click on image below to view!)

2015 desk Calendars available at paperloveboutique.com Music by the fabulous Kat Edmonson